What Everybody Ought to Know About the Customers of Palm Leather

by Palm Leather

Customer Profile at Palm LeatherIn our first post at our new WordPress site, (thank you Matt Mullenweg) it is important to begin our journey here by writing about the most important part of our business; our customers. They are the driving force behind everything we do and because of that, our business continues to grow.

So if you want to know the demographics or profile of a Palm Leather customer, think about someone who is individualistic, passionate about everything, focused and very intentional. Our customers are smart, attractive, vigorous, positive and very commanding. They often set the example and help define themselves to the outside world with their appearance and comprehension of true style.

The cool part of our mission to serve our customers is that besides knowing who they are, we bring to the table a total understanding of the fashion industry and specifically, menswear and even more specifically jewelry and accessories. As guys who wear what we sell, we also get that in 2013, materialism is very passé and personal style statements are where it is at in “fashion” today.

We really love what we do and sincere in our quest for satisfaction results that exceed our customer expectations. For us, it is ground-level and basic; we can either have customers that love us and our products so we can continue to grow or, on the contrary to complete customer satisfaction, we can fail.

One of the greatest parts of our job is hearing stories about our “good product values”, “awesome packaging,” “handsome designs,” “quality stuff” and styles that are good for today without outrageous prices found elsewhere. For the dudes at Palm Leather, it really is all about the customer and the testimonials we receive are very rewarding.

As long as our customers look hot in what they wear from us and are happy about the goods, we have done our jobs. (We also had fun doing it!). Let us hear from you and tell us what you think or what you would like to see us sell. After all, it is what we ought to know about our customers. Thanks for reading!

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