Self-assured Style

by Palm Leather

A self assured customer of Palm LeatherConfidence is a manner that shows our levelheaded stride and swagger. Our poised demeanor is all about our positive and hopeful approach to life and others find it very comforting, if not attractive. The details of our wardrobe can help define the visual part of our attitude and mens jewelry is a persuasive way to demonstrate a certain style.

Guys often hate to admit it, but they really care about what looks and styles are currently cool. It is not about following the crowd but more about satisfying the part of us that is accomplished and wants others to see us as we see ourselves; at ease, self-reliant and loving life.

A criteria for the goods we offer at Palm Leather is what we call “the coolness factor.” To be offered by us, a bracelet, necklace or accessory item must be both well made (a cool thing) and be something we would wear (a very cool thing) because our customers have an expectation that if it is sold by Palm Leather, it is quality in construction and hot in appearance.

On top of all of that, our products have to make our customers feel awesome when they wear them AND they have to be an exceptional value in the marketplace. It is really very simple for us; offer the best and our customers will return.

Palm Leather bracelet style MB21341An example is our rawhide double-rope leather bracelet. Constructed with a slip knot closure, it offers a good casual finish and a convenient way to open it to your desired size. The structure and scale of the bracelet is ideal. It gives a popular two bracelet look, while the natural color goes with just about everything, including a great tan. Find this and other mens bracelets offered from our web store at